Today it has been our first trip out and we have gone to...the vets! Corine and the nurse were really nice to us and they told us we are some of the best pups they have ever seen. They really liked our shiny coats and told us we are getting fed the best milk thanks to the food that our mum eats. Oh and there is more good news, they checked us and told us we are all happy and healthy so live is good!
We have been given our worming liquid. It doesn't taste as good as our mummy's milk but it's good for us.
We starting to play more and more with each other too!


09/17/2013 04:52

This is fab news! The blog is great as we get to see the puppies growing up! Cant wait for mid October when we get to take Daisy home! :)

09/17/2013 13:21

Hi Vikki, Daisy has now started walking around and playing with her brothers. You will have to come to see her again in a couple of weeks but warning, you might not want to leave the house!


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