It has almost been as year since Pepa had her first litter of puppies and she's ready to be a mum again! Needless to say, the puppies were a big hit and we had so much interest that we thought we'd do it all again. It was really fun and Pepa enjoyed it, so we can't wait to see what the second litter will bring.

This time we are still going to breed cockapoo puppies - Pepa is a cocker spaniel and the sire will be a toy poodle. We're researching this at the moment to find the perfect boyfriend for Pepa. This is a little bit different to last time, as we mated her with a minature poodle so the puppies were around the size of a cocker spaniel. Mating with a toy poodle means that they'll be smaller but still very cute. 

We're hoping to mate her early next year, so the puppies would be ready to take home in April/May 2013. We'll of course keep you updated and write further blogs as we find Pepa's new boyfriend and when we get a better idea of dates.

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