All the puppies have arrived safe & sound today after 5 hours of labour. Pepa has had a litter of five very cute pups.
1st: A little black with a white bib girl that weighs 300grs. Born at 11.00am.
2nd: A jet black boy with a tiny splash of white on his chest that weighs 290grs. Born at 11.05am. The first and second could be considered twins ;-)
3rd: A tricolor brown tan and white boy that weighs 330grs. Born at 12.00am.
4th: A brown and tan boy that weighs 320grs. Born at 1.00pm.
5th: A brown and tan boy that weighs 330grs. Born at 4.00pm.

At the moment Pepa is enjoying some quality time with the puppies and taking a well deserved rest. So pictures and names to follow.

Do not heas

Rhonda Smith
08/24/2013 09:19

I am really looking forward to seeing the pictures of the babies. Please hurry up and put some on

Rhonda xx


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